Rosh HaAyin Gal Gadot Hometown

Rosh HaAyin – The Hometown of Gal Gadot

Rosh HaAyin is one of the towns in the so called Central District of Israel. The modern town, as well as the original settlement are situated in an area of both historical and geographical importance. Slightly to the west of Rosh HaAyin is the spring or source of the Yarkon River, there is also the ancient Greek fortress of Antipatris. The lands in the region were part of ancient Greece before Roman times. Translated in English, the phrase Rosh HaAyin literally means fountainhead. To the south of Rosh HaAyin is another ancient fortress, known as Migdal Afek of Migdal Tzedek. These days, Migdal Afek is a protected area, a historic park where one can see the ruins of an ancient crusader castle named Mirabel. The castle or fortress has been used in ancient times by Greeks, Byzantines, Jews and Crusaders in different battles and rebellion, including uprisings against the Romans. There is evidence that there was also an ancient Palestinian Arab village within the bounds of the park. The fortress’ name – Migdal Tzedek literally means A Tower of Justice.

Rosh HaAyin has about forty thousand local residents, one of whom is the famous Israeli beauty Gal Gadot. The twenty eight year old model turned actress won the Miss Israel contest ten years ago, and has since become one of the town’s most notable residents. These days, Gal Gadot is married to a hotelier in Tel Aviv. Gal has been engaged in the big-time Hollywood film industry since two thousand nine, and plans to continue her work in the US.

The town was officially founded in the nineteen fifties, shortly after the Second World War. The first modern settlers in the region were Yemenite Jews who were airlifted by British and American forces during what was commonly known as Operation Magic Carpet. Operation Magic Carpet, also known as On Wings of Eagles was a massive yet secret effort by allies, which transported thousands of Jews from other parts of the world, to the newly established state of Israel, where they were to live in peace and security. To put it in perspective Operation Magic Carpet’ pilots made almost four hundred flights to Israel. The airlift and all the rest of the operation was kept in complete secrecy until a number of months after its successful completion.

Gal Gadot’s grandparents who were first to settle in the town of Rosh HaAyin, were also of foreign origin, though in this case they were of European descent. Interestingly enough, both of Gal’s parents were born outside of Israel.

Yemenite Jews are still the most populous strata residing in the town, even though during the early nineties many new residential and some commercial areas sprawled around the town. It is worth noting that Rosh HaAyin has a large population of young people, nearly all of them under or at the age of nineteen. Population growth rate for Rosh HaAyin is estimated to be at two and a half percent per annum.

About ten years ago, there was oil discovered near Rosh HaAyin, since then the area where oil drilling began is known as Meged 5 Oil Field. Actually, the field was first discovered in the nineteen eighties, though back then it was deemed to be not commercially viable. Meged 5 is one of the biggest and most productive on-shore oil fields in the Israeli state. The company which began developing it is called Givot Olam. The field produces about eight hundred barrels of crude per day, and some natural gas too. There is a lot of controversy around the oil wells and people on both sides of the West Bank are getting hot under the collar when the topic of question is the Meged Oil Field. Palestinians claim that the field was initially part of their land, but Israel annexed the region while building the Israeli West Bank Barrier. It is unclear to this day what has happened exactly, but is interesting to know that the founder of the Givot Olam oil company – Tovia Luskin discovered the field not through science or luck, but in a moment of divine inspiration (or intervention). Luskin took interest in the area in the late eighties when he was trying to geographically confirm a biblical route passing through the region. The route was mentioned in the Book of Deuteronomy.

Rosh HaAyin is twinned up with many cities around the world, and a few in Israel too. Rosh HaAyin’s sister cities are in USA, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany, France and China, there are two sister cities in Israel. The town is also the birthplace of other notable people, apart from Gal Gadot, such as Benny Gantz and Yishai Levi. Benny Gantz is the Chief of General Staff to the Israel Defence Forces, Yishai Levi is a well-known Israeli singer.

The Varsano Hotel Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek & the Versano Hotel – Two of the Best Places in Tel Aviv Today

Tel Aviv is the first modern Hebrew city in Israel. Tel Aviv, much like other large cities around the world is made up of different areas, or neighbourhoods, one of which is Neve Tzedek. Neve Tzedek was the first Tel Aviv area to be built and populated outside the walls of the ancient port of Jaffa (now Jaffa is part of south Tel Aviv, and happens to be one of the oldest places around the city). Up to the nineteen eighties the area of Neve Tzedek was quite prosperous and marching forward, this was only natural as the bustling modern city of Tel Aviv was growing and expanding around it. Unfortunately, there was a period of neglect and disrepair around Neve Tzedek which downgraded this otherwise lovely part of Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek began its recovery and rose again to its former glory after the nineteen eighties when the neighbourhood was redeveloped and polished up by city authorities. These days, Neve Tzedek is one of the most expensive, trendy and sought after parts of Tel Aviv. Residents and guests enjoy the area’s Mediterranean village atmosphere which also makes Neve Tzedek look and feel like a pristine resort.

The Neve Tzedek area was founded twenty two years before the official establishment of the modern city of Tel Aviv, in eighteen eighty seven to be precise. Neve Tzedek was chosen as a quiet, calm and clean place outside overcrowded Jaffa, by a number of Jewish families who wanted a better, more suitable place to live, close to Tel Aviv’s central parts. Those pioneering families were soon followed by others who also appreciated the locale of Neve Tzedek, and little by little, one development at a time, the area became a settlement, just outside the city, though nowadays modern Tel Aviv has engulfed the neighbourhood within its city bounds. Neve Tzedek is a trendy area by default. Back when the first Jewish families began developing, they built beautiful low-rise homes, surrounded by narrow, winding streets. Most homes at the time incorporated design elements and features from two prominent design movements of the time. These houses were also some of the first in the city to have luxuries like private bathrooms for instance. After the turn of the twentieth century, Neve Tzedek really took off as the place to be in Tel Aviv. The area was the home and sanctuary of many notable Israelis from the arts and culture scene. Even one of Israel’s most well-known and respected rabbis called the area home, and enjoyed the company of its educated, cultured residents.

Unfortunately, Neve Tzedek’s hay day was to be short-lived. After the nineteen forties, affluent people and businesses began moving away from the south side of Tel Aviv to the north, newly developed side of the city. Authorities didn’t really take care of the architecture around Neve Tzedek and residents were gradually moving away, from the area, and the Jaffa district too. This meant only one thing – Neve Tzedek was in an urban decay. Sea air and climate specifics eroded away buildings and infrastructure, eventually the neighbourhood was considered to be one of Tel Aviv’s slums. Local authorities had plans to demolish the dying buildings and rotten infrastructure as to give way to high-rise business and residential developments, though they cancelled the project as much of the architecture in the area was entered into special preservation lists. Somehow, the old, worn-out neighbourhood was once again an object of interest for certain social strata, as many people were looking for the semi-pastoral, picturesque look and feel of the old, forgotten Neve Tzedek.

After the nineteen eighties, Tel Aviv authorities began rejuvenating and redeveloping Neve Tzedek through multiple projects of local, and even national importance. These days, there notable museums and cultural centres around Neve Tzedek, as well as many good hotels, bars and restaurants which give guests and visitors a unique Mediterranean village atmosphere. One of the better known hotels in Neve Tzedek is the one owned and managed by Gal Gadot’s husband Yaron Versano. Gal Gadot is the model turned actress, which began her career by winning the two thousand four Miss Israel title, and then moved onto starring in blockbuster flicks in Hollywood. Gal married Yaron in two thousand eight. Choosing Neve Tzedek as the place for Yaron and Gal’s hotel should come as no surprise, as the area is merely three hundred metres from the sea, has an abundance of bars, restaurants and cafes, and provides for some of the most idyllic and relaxed vistas in the whole of Tel Aviv. Three years ago, Yaron Versano and Gal Gadot’s boutique hotel The Versano was called an ‘Amazing & stylish place to stay, a little gem in beautiful Neve Tzedek’ by the New York Times.

The hotel itself is a complex of semidetached, and fully detached villas, bungalows and apartment suites which give guests access to private facilities such as patios, gardens etc. Some of the suite gardens even have fruit trees growing. The architectural style of the hotel is considered to be contemporary urban with clearly defined Mediterranean touches throughout. Guests can choose from different style suites within the hotel complex. Most guests enjoy the hotel’s peace and quiet, as well as its close proximity to prime Tel Aviv beaches, as well as trendy bars and restaurants. Those in the know say that The Versano hotel is right in the middle of Tel Aviv’s foodie district, and one can enjoy exceptional quality meals in many of the eateries around the area. This might come as a surprise but the Versano Hotel doesn’t have a functioning bar or restaurant, which is not that much of a problem since lovely restaurants and delicious food are just a stone throw away from the hotel. The hotel has also got all the modern extras like free Wi-Fi in all rooms, air conditioning etc. Hotel staff is known to be friendly, energetic and very, very helpful. The hotel is arguably, one of the best places to stay in Neve Tzedek.

Gal Gadot Actress

The Supermodel Turned Actress

Gal Gadot, the beautiful Israeli model who is simultaneously pursuing her career as a Hollywood actress during the last five or so years, is one of the most intriguing personalities to appear in America’s big film industry in recent times. Gal is still somewhat of a newcomer to the Hollywood hype and celebrity mania, but she has made it clear – she is here to stay, and her appearances in the last three action packed Fast & Furious movies, as well as her hot out of the oven deal with Warner Bros for her role as Wonder Woman in another three films, are definite signs that she is one of the hottest topics in Hollywood today.

Gal’s modelling career began at an early age, in Israel. Her first break though came with her winning the 2004 Miss Israel Contest. Although back then she wanted to be a lawyer, she stuck to her modelling and beauty pageant career for the time being. As it turned out – this was the right way. After winning the 04 Miss Israel title, Gal decided to follow through with representing her country at the international Miss Universe Contest, which was hosted in Ecuador. The panel of judges though, didn’t seem to approve of Gal and ranked her outside the top fifteen contestants, which also put her out of contention. Although a setback, this was no big issue for Gal as she had everything going for her, and concentrated on her modelling career.

Before she could get into big time modelling though, she had to do something which all Israeli women do – to serve her two years in the army. Yes, that’s right – all Israeli women are conscripted in the army for a minimum of two years. Gal didn’t have a problem with this and managed to upkeep her modelling engagements whilst being in the army. While serving her military time, she also decided to follow up on her law studies and went on for her law degree at university. She had to pause her plans though as she was called for an audition for the role of Camille Montes – one of the main Bond Girls in the most recent 007 Trilogy staring Daniel Craig. She didn’t get the part though, as Olga Kurylenko was chosen to play Camille. This wasn’t a problem for Gal either, as the casting directors were also looking for someone to play Gisele in the F & F movies, and naturally they hired Gal straight away.

In two thousand seven, Gal Gadot was chosen to take part in Maxim magazine’s photo shoot named Women in The Israeli Defence Forces. The end product focused on photo models serving in the army. Gal was also chosen as the model face on the invitations given out for the large party accompanying the photo shoot. At about the same time, she also appeared on the cover of New York Post, which made her noticed by critics, fans and movie makers in the US. Since two thousand eight, Gal Gadot has been one of the leading models for the famous Israeli designer brand Castro. Gal also happens to be the regular hostess of Castro’s fashion shows and galas both in Israel and abroad. Other international marketing and photo model campaigns she participated in are those of Captain Morgan Rum and Vine Vera skin care products. During that time, Gal Gadot was also chosen as the marketing face for then-running campaign of Jaguar Cars. Gal has appeared on the covers of international editions like Cosmopolitan, For Him Magazine (FHM) and Brides Magazine.

More recently, in two thousand twelve, Gal Gadot was ranked as number five of the fifty most talented, successful, beautiful and intelligent Israeli women in the world, according to Shalom Life. Rumour had it that in two thousand thirteen Gal’s modelling salary was estimated to be in the millions of shekels (1 shekel being worth about thirty US cents), which was much better than what her female colleagues were being paid, even though they most of them were modelling for Ralph Lauren at the time. Perhaps the only higher paid Israeli model than Gal is Bar Refaeli.

Being a successful photo model, Gal Gadot has been able to get the best of both worlds and establish herself as a promising actress. Her appearance on the cover of New York Post solidified her position and intention. As a result of her modelling success, she was chosen for roles in a number of Hollywood films, namely Date Night, as well as Knight & Day. Though these were preceded by roles in Israeli films and TV shows, the most popular being her role in Bubot – an Israeli television drama.

As mentioned at the start of this article, her recent contract with Warner Bros for the role of Wonder Woman in three upcoming films, has stirred both fans and critics alike. It seems that Wonder Woman fans are expecting a female actor of a slightly more defined physique. It must be noted though, that Linda Carter – the original actress who played Wonder Woman in the famous seventies TV show may have appeared more feminine in her looks, but she despised the fact that men were viewing her only a sexual object. Gadot says that acting skills are the most important thing when taking on a new role, and dismisses those silly physique comments with a smile. Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman fully supports the choice of the casting directors and is sure that Gal will do a great job. Gadot also reminds that the choice of late Heath Ledger for the role of The Joker in the new Batman movie was viewed as an astronomical error, but it turned out to be one of the greatest performances of all time. Perhaps the skinny, dark haired actress will be a good replacement for the busty, blue eyed heroine after all.

Hollywood sign

Top 5 Israeli Female Actors in Hollywood

For most actors and actresses Hollywood is the ultimate level in film making. Indeed the Hollywood film industry draws mixed opinions from fans and critics around the world, but leaving aside propaganda, political, cultural and historical aspects, Hollywood does give actors the most chance of success, exposure, glamour and fame.

Hollywood searches for talent near and far, so it is only natural for many Israeli actors to take a stab at the big-time film industry. Many, if not most of them have been quite successful. Until a number of decades ago however, Israeli names in Hollywood were only those of producers, and they numbered just a few people. Things have changed dramatically in the last twenty or so years and now there are more and more Israelis taking part in major Hollywood productions, and leaving their mark on the film industry.

A recent poll has ranked the top five Israeli actresses in Hollywood. The poll was based on a number of factors, including success and popularity. Movie industry experts boil it down to this: ‘Hollywood loves the next cool thing, and Israeli actresses are just that. With their Middle Eastern exotic beauty and mystique, along with their potential and talent, it is only natural for Hollywood to fall in love with them’.

At number five, there is Meital Dohan. Meital Dohan’s most well-known role is perhaps the one of Yael Hoffman, in the popular US TV series Weeds, season two. Fans and critics like watching Dohan act because she has an amazing range to play anything from a zombie killer, to a seductive dominatrix and does a great job. Dohan is considered to be a gifted actress, who definitely has the looks and charisma to be successful in Hollywood. Some of her recent roles have been in movies which received awards in the New York Tribeca Movie Festival. Dohan studied drama and acting, at the Nissan Nativ School of Acting in Israel. Dohan is no stranger to awards and nominations, back in the early two thousands, she was nominated for a number of awards, and actually took home a couple. She was also voted most promising new actress of the year two thousand. Currently, apart from her movie career, Dohan is also the spokesperson of the Artists 4 Israel organisation.

At number four sits Noa Tishby. The thirty four year old Israeli singer, model, actress and producer, is one of the movers and shakers of the US entertainment scene at the moment. Tishby is based in both Los Angeles where she does most of her work, and Australia – where she is married to Andrew Gunsberg – well known media person. Tishby has tasted fame at an early age. She became a household name in Israel through taking part in a number of popular domestic productions and shows, which established her as a talented actress with lots of potential. Tishby’s first big-time role was alongside Ewan McGregor, Sean Bean and Scarlett Johansson in the two thousand five sci-fi thriller The Island, which is one of the best movies of its day. The actress has also got multiple roles and appearances in hit TV series in the US like CSI, Nip/Tuck, Las Vegas and many more. One of Tishby’s better known performances is together with Matthew McCounaughey in the movie The Ghost of Girlfriends Past.

Number three spot is occupied by the beautiful and delicate Gal Gadot. This girl has climbed her way to fame and stardom in Israel about ten years ago, when she won the Miss Israel Contest, and went on to represent the country in the follow-up Miss Universe Contest. Although she didn’t rank in the top fifteen, Gadot went on to become one of the most successful and loved Israeli models and actresses. Gal Gadot had a number of smaller appearances on Israeli TV shows and series, but her star rose with her taking part in the 2008 instalment of The Fast & The Furious, alongside Vin Diesel. Gadot was contracted to star as Gisele (her character in the F & F franchise) for another two movies, which were made and released in the next few years. Gal has managed to keep up her Hollywood momentum, and took roles in two other Hollywood films, namely Date Night, and Knight & Day where she stars alongside the likes of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Recently, Gadot announced she will be taking part in a new suspense thriller called Triple Nine. Perhaps the biggest success for the young Israeli is her securing the role of Wonder Woman in three multimillion dollar blockbusters still in the making by Warner Bros. Her role as Wonder Woman is highly anticipated by fans and critics, hopefully she does a great job.

Number two spot is for Ayelet Zurer. This talented Israeli actress has had roles in some of the most well received Hollywood films in the last decade or so. Her most notable role, is in the two thousand five runaway success Angels & Demons, where she partners with Hollywood greats like Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor. Zurer secured a main role appearance in the movie A Year In Mooring, which was released in two thousand eleven. Zurer’s first major appearance, which consequently turned out to be her Hollywood breakthrough was in two thousand five, in a movie called Munich, by the great Steven Spielberg. Another notable role she had around that time, was alongside Sigourney Weaver and Dennis Quaid in the two thousand and eight action thriller Vantage Point. Shortly after, in o’nine, the Independent Hollywood Critics crowned Ayelet Zurer one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Zurer was ranked higher than renowned Hollywood beauties like Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Kidman.

Top spot goes to no other, but Mili Avital. The thirty nine year old actress is highly successful on screen and on stage, in both US and Israel. Critics say she has the ability to play diversely and snug perfectly into almost any role she is given. Mili’s breakthrough came with a role in the all famous sci-fi production Stargate. She had only come to New York a year ago to study acting. Her next big part was alongside Johnny Depp in the nineteen ninety four film Dead Man. She also does lots of work for TV shows in both US and Israel. Avital has received a number of awards in her career so far.

Gal Gadot gun

How Military Service Helped Gal Gadot With Her Movie Career

By law, Israeli women are conscripted in the Israeli Defence Forces for a period of two years. Although an unusual practice conscripting women in Israel’s army has been done since the official founding of the Israeli independent state after the Second World War. Women in the Israeli Defence Forces have taken part and played an important role in the number of military conflicts which Israel had to fight with its neighbour states during the second half of the twentieth century. Israel is the only country in the world to require women by law to serve in the army. Currently, three percent of all active defence personnel in the Israeli army are females. Nearly ninety percent of permanent positions in the country’s defence forces are available to women, as well as men.

Women in the Israeli Defence Forces receive full combat and weapons training, just like their male conscript counterparts. Generally, the service duration is twenty four months, unless the position or duty for which the conscript is applying requires a thirty six month training course. Women are not restricted from progressing through the ranks of the Israeli Defence Forces. In recent years, positions in Special Forces battalions were also made available to female soldiers. Once a woman completes her military service she is entered in the Israeli Reserve Army. This means that in the event of war, or another type of armed conflict, women can be called in, and reinstated in their respective military position. Generally, women can be in reserve up to the age of thirty eight, even if they have since become mothers. Initially though, women were not allowed to actually take part in combat alongside male soldiers. The first example where the women of the Israeli Defence Forces were called up on for service was a few years after the end of the Second World War during the Arab-Israeli war which saw Israel short for manpower. After this, women were not allowed to battle, the main argument for this was that if a female soldier was captured as a prisoner of war, the risk of rape and sexual molestation by the enemy was quite serious, and women were to be protected from it.

Gal Gadot, one of the younger Israeli actresses and models to make their way into big-film industry, is no exception and did her two years of army service for the Israeli Defence Forces. While in the army, Gadot received extensive training in combat tactics, firearms and special weapons use, hand to hand combat, survival training etc. This might seem like a totally unnecessary exercise for a woman who is not planning to stay, or have anything to do with the army, but as it turned out Gadot’s military experience and knowledge helped her with her first big movie role – that of Gisele Harabo, in the action blockbuster franchise The Fast & The Furious.

Gal Gadot is also a devotee to sports and keeps a strong physique as shooting down airplanes, jumping from trucks to car bonnets at hundred miles an hour, whilst being in hand to hand combat with the bad guys is not easy, although everything is just part of the action packed script of the F & F movies. When Gadot was chosen to play the role of Gisele in the fourth, fifth and sixth Fast & Furious films she didn’t really have an idea what she was getting herself into, as her character was given more action sequences with each film. Director Justin Lin wanted to make each movie better than the previous one, which meant only one thing – more stunts and more action scenes for Gal’s character.

Director Justin Lin was quick to realise to benefits of working with a talented young actress, who not only had the charm, but also packed a punch and had all the weapons and combat skills needed to impersonate Gisele perfectly. During the shoot, Gal Gadot had to refresh her weapons use skills, and polish up her hand to hand combat knowledge, though this was no problem really as she leads a highly active lifestyle, does sports and exercises on a daily basis. Her able physique and her military skills also meant that Gal could do her own stunts for the three movies. At the start, director and producers weren’t too willing to have the young Israeli beauty jumping through fireballs and off cars, but nevertheless they all gave it a go and it turned out Gal was perfect at it.

Indeed doing your own stunts is dangerous and takes a certain frame of mind, but the Israeli actress aced every single action sequence and made the thrills packed film that bit more realistic. In fact, she says that during the making of the films she had no trouble following director’s instructions on action scenes, and even helped with some of the fight choreography. Gal also says that everything was made possible and perfectly safe because they worked with the most professional and experienced stunt coordinators who wouldn’t let any of the actors, including Gal do any stunts unless they were sure everything is perfectly safe and secured.

Gal says that she loved doing her own stunts, and although very excited she wasn’t at risk. However, the actress also says that doing your own stunts in a movie full of action sequences does come at a price – ‘the pain comes the day after’ she said in of her interviews. Although everything during the stunt is safe and secured, there were still plenty of bumps and bruises sustained she says. Though every bit of pain was worth it, as in the end the Fast & Furious movies she took part in turned out great. Her stunt capabilities, and her sufficient weapons and combat knowledge will also likely help her snug into the role of Wonder Woman – three movie deal with Warner Bros. which also includes a standalone movie about Wonder Woman. Interestingly enough, this would be the only movie solely about Wonder Woman ever made, apart from the famous TV series starring Linda Carter.

Gal Gadot infront of a red car

Gal Gadot: Fast, Furious and Sexy

Fast cars and pretty girls go hand in hand. The highly successful Fast & Furious movie franchise has been a perfect example of just that. Over the years, producers updated the original cast with a number of new characters, one of which was Gisele Harabo played by the Israeli model slash actress Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot made her way to stardom through a number of movie roles, preceded by her winning the 2004 Miss Israel contest. Before she played Gisele in the three Fast & Furious movies, she took part in two better known movie projects – Date Night, and Day & Knight. Prior to that, Gadot has had smaller roles in domestic Israeli TV shows. One of her more recent movie roles was in Kicking Out Shoshana. Her upcoming projects are quite highly anticipated as she has been contracted by Warner Bros. for the role of Wonder Woman in three comic book based blockbusters, still in the making. Comic book fans are somewhat iffy as to whether or not Gadot will fit the part of Wonder Woman, but her Hollywood experience so far should make things easier for her in the three new productions.

On the set of the Fast & Furious movies, Gadot had the chance to work with world class actors, directors and crew, which she says has been one of the most fun and exciting experiences in her life so far. Gadot says she enjoys working with the Fast & Furious crew and cast because they are absolutely professional in everything they do, and their work is on a whole new level, as compared to what she has done so far back home in Israel. Gadot also says she got along with the cast real well, and that now they are one big, happy family. Vin Diesel, being one of the main actors on set, and perhaps the main character in the franchise has taken Gal under his wing and has helped her immensely throughout making the films. Gal says Vin Diesel is a great person both on and off the set, and that they have become good friends while making the F & F movies. Every time she goes to LA with her family, she stays at Diesel’s place where she feels like being home in another place.

Gal Gadot says the first appearance in Fast & Furious 4 was the hardest for her, because she was still learning the ropes, getting to know the crew and cast etc. However, she found the movie crew and cast to be friendly, helpful and experienced, which made her job much easier. Gradually, the young actress became an inseparable part of the team and enjoyed her work more and more with each day. Gal says she felt much more relaxed and comfortable after her first F & F movie, thanks to the help and support she got from the team.

Gadot says there were big expectations for her by director Justin Lin. Gal says the director was looking to top off the previous film with the new one, and wanted everything to be perfect. The actress says the whole crew was under pressure in order to make not only a good action movie, but an iconic action movie. Gadot was willing to put in the hard yards, and she did. Although there were huge, complex action sequences throughout the film, Gadot says everything was coordinated and orchestrated perfectly by director Justin Lin.

Gal Gadot, believe it or not, does her own stunts. In the fourth instalment of the Fast & Furious films, where her character Gisele appeared for the first time, action and stunts were aplenty. In the fifth and sixth movie, Gal had even more complex and thrilling stunts to film yet she chose to do her own stunts without a double. The actress says she enjoyed every minute of it, because she loves the adrenalin rush that comes with shooting these scenes. Gal actually said to friends one time – ‘If there is a sixth movie to be made, there will be even more action in it, and I would love to do my own stunts again’ – Director Justin Lin was happy to oblige. Gadot says she loves making action sequences, because, quote: ‘you get to do crazy, amazing things that you would never be able to do in real life’. Such a thrill packed movie making adventure, comes at a price though. There were lots of bumps and bruises the actress says, but she kept up the good work and endured the pain. When she got back home to Israel, her husband was quite worried that something bad had happened to her, as she was bruised all over. Though Gal says it was a small price to pay, for taking part in such a hugely successful action movie.

Gadot says working on the set of such a macho, aggressive movie has also been a good experience. She wasn’t sure what sort of people, these huge muscly men were, though she didn’t feel intimidated in any way. As it turned out she says, the guys were great and looked after her, and the rest of the female cast. Gal says we felt like we had older brothers which took care of us from start to end. The actress thinks that the F & F movies are so successful and loved because they not only take the viewer on a thrilling, action packed journey, but the cast has also got amazing chemistry amongst them which fuses everything together.

Gal Gadot has always been a fan of high speed road machines, though she didn’t really make a difference between this car and that car. After taking part in the Fast & Furious movies, Gal says she now knows lots more about fast cars and enjoys putting those potent vehicles through their paces. At the moment, the actress owns a high powered Ducati motorcycle, though she is very, very careful with it, as being on the road in real life is a whole different story.

facts about Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot – Some interesting facts

Gal Gadot, the Israeli model turned actress, made a decisive entry into Hollywood through a number of appearances in the blockbuster franchise Fast & Furious, where she played Gisele – one of the later characters amongst the original team of illegal street racers. Recently, Gal struck a deal with Warner Brothers and secured the role of Wonder Woman for three upcoming superhero productions. Another of her recently announced performances will be in the crime thriller Triple Nine. Although, Gal Gadot has been in the spotlight for a number of years, she hasn’t got too many public appearances, which only adds to the charisma and mythology surrounding the young actress.

Here are some interesting facts about the beautiful Israeli, which you might not have known:

-Gal Gadot was born in Israel, twenty eight years ago. Although a true Israeli national in every sense of the word, Gal considers herself to be one quarter Czech, one quarter Polish, one quarter Austrian, and one quarter German. The reason for this multinational background is Gal’s grandparents who originally descended from these European states, but moved and settled in Israel after the Second World War. Oddly enough, Gal Gadot’s parents were both born outside Israel, though the actress herself was born in Rosh Ha’aiyin – one of the districts in central Israel.

-Gal Gadot, the name of the actress is also unique in many ways and reflects the passion for the sea that her parents have. Gal in Hebrew means wave, and Gadot translates to riverbank.

-One of the most fascinating things about Gal’s past is the two years of army service she did for the Israeli Defence Forces. In Israel, every able boy and girl of age is conscripted to the army for a period of two years. Gal made no exceptions and did her full two year army service and learned to use firearms, studied tactics, martial arts etc. The actress is proud of her military training, and says the knowledge she gained about weapons and tactics has helped her immensely when she played Gisele Harabo in the Fast & Furious Movies.

-With such a pretty face and immaculate physique, Gal started her path to stardom by winning the Miss Israel pageant at the age of nineteen. She tried to follow through by representing Israel in the 2004 Miss Universe contest in Ecuador. Unfortunately, judges didn’t see what they wanted in her and ranked her outside the top fifteen spots, which put her out of the contest. Although this was a setback, Gal moved on and ended up starring in some of the most successful action movies of the last few decades, namely the F&F franchise.

-It seems the judges at the Miss Israel pageant might have misjudged the young starlet ten years ago, as now she is ranked at number five spot (out of fifty), of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented Jewish women in the world according to Shalom Life. A far cry from the insignificant fifteenth spot she was given back then. Currently Gal Gadot is the second highest paid Jewish model slash actor in the world.

-Although she is part of blockbuster Hollywood productions now, Gal started off her onscreen career by appearances in domestic Israeli TV shows like Bubot. Since then she has had roles in another two domestic TV shows. Her first major role in Hollywood was the one of Gisele in Fast & Furious 4. She did such a good job, that the producers engaged her services for another three F&F movies – with number 7 still to be released due to the tragic circumstances around late Paul Walker.

-Gal is elaborating further on her recent success and continues her big screen appearances. She is contracted to play Wonder Woman in three upcoming comic book blockbusters – one of which a standalone movie about Wonder Woman. Choosing her for the role of the all famous superhero has somewhat stirred fans and critics and has attracted both positive and negative opinions. Having said this, most fans are hoping Gadot will make a strong role, and rejuvenate the character of Wonder Woman.

-Gal Gadot enjoys sports and high speeds. She is quite active in her everyday lifestyle and is part of a volleyball team, basketball team and plays tennis on a regular basis! Her passion for fast road machines is well known. She loves both fast cars and fast bikes, though at the moment her weapon of choice is a high powered Ducati motorbike.

-Gal Gadot is not just a pretty face mind you, she also has the guts to do her own stunts! Believe it or not, Gal is one of handful of female actors to do their own movie stunts. Fast & Furious director Justin Lin made Gadot do her own stunts, and she aced it. The actress says working without a stunt double was both thrilling and rewarding, and she was more than happy to do it.

-Such a woman is not easy to tame, but it seems Gal has found her match. In two thousand eight, the actress got hitched to Yaron Varsano. Mr Varsano has been Gadot’s boyfriend for quite some time, and tying the knot was the logical and expected outcome. Three years later, in twenty eleven Gal gave birth to her first child – a baby girl named Alma. These days, Gal and her husband Yaron own and manage a hotel in one of Tel Aviv’s most popular districts – Neve Tzedek.

Gal Gadot is now part of the Justice League

Why is Gal Gadot the last piece of the Justice League movie?

Justice league and Gal GadotAt this moment one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood is Gal Gadot. The Israeli-born actress is undoubtedly a highly talented actress that will leave her mark in Hollywood but this doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. and more specially Zack Snyder didn’t make a mistake by casting her for the role of Wonder Woman or didn’t they?

For those of you that haven’t read any Hollywood related news for the last six months, Warner Bros. announced that they will release a Batman vs Superman movie in 2016. It is in this movie that Wonder Woman will make her first ever appearance on the big screen. The news that the three big from the Justice League will be in the same movie excited a lot of people. Still the excitement around the news was somewhat cut short when the studio announced the casting of Gadot because most people expected that the studio will choose a different type of actress for the role.

Since the announcement of Gadot’s casting a lot of people said a lot of things about the actress and her abilities to take on such a demanding role. She on the other hand didn’t turn any attention to the negative comments and always responded in a positive manner and confidently claimed that she is feeling ready for the role.

Still we believe that all these people that are talking against the casting of the Israeli actress are missing the big picture. And the big picture is that Gadot is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow Warner Bros. to make the long waited Justice League movie. Yes DC comic book fanatics have been demanding a Justice League movie for years and know with the casting of Gal Gadot they will see their wish come true.

Warner Bros. didn’t just commence the preparation of the Justice League movie. They had been prepping it for years by slowing placing all pieces on the table so that the audience can get ready. The movie studio started their project when they announced that they will produce a Superman remake, “Man of Steel” where Henry Cavill will play the role of Krypton-born hero. Then CW television network which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. launched the immensely popular and successful television show “Arrow” which stars Stephen Amell in the role of Green Arrow who is yet another Justice League member.

Now CW is planning to start another television show that is based on a DC comic book hero, Flash who by no coincidence is a Justice League member and will be played by Grant Gustin. Also some of you may remember that in 2011 Warner Bros released the Green Lantern movie which despite being a flop presented to the audience the character of Green Lantern which was played by Ryan Reynolds.

So with all these pieces in place the only thing that remained in front of Warner Bros. was to choose a Batmen and Wonder Woman. The studio quickly chose to give the role of Batman to Ben Affleck. A decision which was also met by a lot of commentary by the public and critics. Still the comments on Affleck casting weren’t so excessive as the comments on Gadot’s casting due to the fact that Ben Affleck is a seasoned Hollywood actor that deserves the benefit of a doubt.

With all this being said we believe that people would finally see the big picture more clearly and at last realize that Gadot is indeed the long awaited missing piece of the Justice League puzzle. And if all these facts are still not enough people should keep in mind that Gadot is signed for a total of three movies of which only one will be a standalone Wonder Woman movie. And due to the fact that Batman vs Superman isn’t a Justice League movie one can only imagine what the title and plot of the remaining third movie will be.

So instead of complaining about the choice of Gadot, comic book fans and fanatics should be happy with the fact that Warner Bros have at last found the right person for the role and that their long awaited Justice League movie will at last become reality. 

Gal Gadot autograph

Gal Gadot and the other notable Israeli actors in Hollywood

There is a long list of Israeli-born actors that have made a name in Hollywood and the latest addition to this list is Fast & Furious star, Gal Gadot. However before we present to you some interesting details about her, we will turn your attention on some of the most notable Israeli-born actors in Hollywood and believe us when we tell you that you will be surprised by some of the names as you wouldn’t have suspected that they are from Israel.

  1. Chaim Topol- Chaim Topol is born in Tel Aviv on September the 9th, 1935. He got his first role in Hollywood in the 1966 big-budget action movie “Cast a Giant Shadow” where he played alongside Kirk Douglas, Senta Berger and Angie Dickinson. His most memorable work is in the 1971 American musical comedy-drama “Fiddler on the Roof” where he played the lead role and received international praise for his performance. Chaim Topol is also known as the voice of Bagheera from the 1967 animated Disney production of “The Jungle Book”. In 2003 the actor once again voiced Bagheera in the sequel of the animated production “The Jungle Book 2”
  2. Brian George- Most people believe Brian George to be an Indian actor due to the fact that he often plays roles for characters of South Asian origin. He does so because he can easily voice several types of genuine Indian accents. Brian George was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1952 and is known for his roles in “Seinfield” where he plays a Pakistani restaurateur and “The Big Bang Theory” where he plays the role of Rajesh Koothrappali’s father.
  3. Oded Fehr- Oded Fehr just like Chaim Topol is born in Tel Aviv. He is most known for his roles in “The Mummy” and “Resident Evil” franchises where he star alongside A-list actors such as Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Milla Jovovich. He has also played in numerous television shows such as “NCIS”, “Burn Notice”, “Sleeper Cell” and “Eleventh Hour”
  4. Natalie Portman- She is beyond any doubt the most notable Israeli-born actress in Hollywood. Portman born Natalie Hershlag on June 9, 1981 is native from Jerusalem. She made her acting debut as a child in the 1994 French movie “Leon: The Professional”. Her first Hollywood movie was “Heat” where she played alongside top actors such as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kimler, Jon Voight, and Tom Sizemore. Her first major Hollywood role was the role of Queen Padme Amidala in the three Star Wars prequels. Her next major role was the role of Evey Hammond in “V for Vendetta”. Since then she was appearance in several Hollywood blockbusters such as “Black Swan”, “Thor”, “Thor: The Dark World” and “No Strings Attached”.
  5. Odeya Rush- Odeya Rush is the youngest actress in our list. She is born in Haifa on the 12th of May 1997. To date Odeya’s most memorable role is the role of Joni Jerome in “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. Since then she has been casted to play in numerous Hollywood movies that will be released in the upcoming years.
  6. Gal Gadot- At last the time of the main topic of this article has come. Gadot is born in Rosh HaAyin in 1985. Gadot is both a model and actress but currently is more engaged with her acting career than her modeling career. She made her breakthrough in 2009 when she played the role of former Mossad agent Gisele Harabo in the fourth movie of the Fast and Furious franchise. Her character was so well received by the public that the Fast and Furious producers signed her for the fifth and sixth installments of the franchise. Even more despite the fact that her character died in the last movie from the Fast and Furious series, she will still make an appearance in the upcoming seventh movie. Between the Fast and Furious movies, Gadot played minor roles in the Hollywood movies “Date Night” and “Knight and Day”. In the summer of 2013 Gal Gadot was casted to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Warner Bros. movie. To date this is the highest achievement in Gadot’s career but many movie critics believe that it won’t be her last. Gadot will play the role of the comic book heroine in a total of three movies one of which will be a solo movie in which she will be the leading character.

As you see Gadot fully deserves to be listed amongst the most successful Israeli-born Hollywood actors. Even more certain movie aficionados believe the actress has the potential, talent and charisma to even surpass Natalie Portman in terms of successes and fame. Whether this will happen only time will tell but one thing is certain and that is that Gadot has a bright future in acting. 

14 facts about Gal Gadot

14 interesting facts about Gal Gadot

The most famous Hollywood actresses at this moment are Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone. But many critics predict that another highly talented actress will soon join the group. The name of the actress is Gal Gadot and she recently became one of the most discussed actresses in the movie making capital due to the fact that she was chosen for the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Zack Snyder’s movie Batman vs Superman. And while numerous people are debating about this decision we aren’t going to. Instead we will present to you interesting facts about this rising Israeli actress that will not only impress you with her acting skills but with her beauty and charisma as well.

  1. One of the most interesting facts about the actress is that she describes herself as ¼ Czech, ¼ Polish, ¼ Austrian and ¼ German. She does so because her grandparents are Jews that returned to Israel from these countries. Another interesting fact about her family is that both her parents are born outside of Israel meaning that they are considered as Sabras by the Israeli people.
  2. Her name has a strong maritime meaning due to the fact that her name “Gal” means wave in Hebrew and her surname “Gadot” means riverbank.
  3. This is undoubtedly the most amazing fact about this fine and gentle actress. Gal Gadot has a military background and when we say that she has a military background we don’t mean that she has a relative that has been in the army. We mean that she has been in the army. Yes, it is right Gal Gadot has been part of the Israeli Defense Force for two years. When asked about her military past she often says that she is very proud of it and that her military training has given her a wide knowledge of weapons which had aided her to land her role of Gisele Harabo in the Fast and Furious series.
  4. At the age of 19 she became Miss Israeli and represented her country at the 2004 Miss Universe competition in Quito, Ecuador. As unbelievable as it may sound she didn’t manage to get into the top 15 and therefore didn’t get ranked.
  5. In 2012, Gal Gadot was ranked number 5 by Shalom Life in the top 50 most intelligent, talented, funny and beautiful Jewish women in the world.
  6. Currently she is the second highest paid Israeli model in the world. She is second only to Bar Refaeli.
  7. She won her first role in the Israeli television show Bubot, where she played the role of Miriam Elkayam. Since then she has made appearances in two more Israeli TV shows.
  8. Her first big screen role was the aforementioned role of Gisele Harabo, a role which she has played in two more installment of the Fast and Furious series and which she will play in the upcoming seventh movie from the series.
  9. She will be the first ever actress to impersonate the Amazon Princess Diana of Themyscira also known as Wonder Woman in a big screen movie. In fact Gal Gadot is scheduled to play the role of Wonder Woman in a total of three movies one of which will be a standalone movie about the heroine.
  10. Gadot is an avid sports fan and is enrolled in the rosters of a volleyball, basketball and tennis team.
  11. She has often described herself as an avid automobile and motorcycling aficionados and she never misses to point out that she owns a top speed Ducati motorcycle.
  12. The director of the Fast and Furious movies, Justin Lin had Gadot do her own stunts. A task that she execute happily and marvelously. To date she is one of the few female actresses in Hollywood that do their own stunts.
  13. In 2008, the actress got married to her longtime boyfriend Yaron Varsano. So sorry boys but the charismatic and talented actress is off limits. In 2011 her first child, a baby girl named Alma was born.
  14. She and her husband are the owners of a hotel in Tel Aviv. The hotel is located in the district of Neve Tzedek which is one of the city’s most well known neighborhoods.