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Did you know that Gal Gadot served in the military for two years?

Did you know that Gal Gadot actually went to the military when she was younger? This will probably be
a huge surprise for many of you. It’s very unusual – the girl crowned miss Israeli 2004 to have been
serving in the military for two years. But it’s true.

Gal is a mom of two, married, a successful Hollywood superstar, a model, and much more. She enrolled
in the military when she was 20, and the training is intense according to Vanity Fair. She served during
the Israel-Hezbollah War that was in 2006 which was a 34-day conflict between Lebanon and northern

The Wonder Woman shared that the training for the movie wasn’t hard for her and that the routine she
had in the military was far more complex and tiring. But she adds that, for her, it wasn’t challenging at all.
In fact, she says that the military wasn’t difficult for her and it was good training for Hollywood. Now,
no matter what type of movie she is a part of, she is always in shape and is prepared for hard training.
For example, when she trained for six months for the Wonder Woman movie, she trained six hours a day
– two hours of gym, two hours of fight choreography, two hours of horse riding – and she says that this
wasn’t hard for her at all.

When it comes to the Fast and Furious movie, when she first met with the director Justin Lin, she
impressed him big time with all of the knowledge she had about weapons. Another thing that happened
because of her serving the military was the fact that she played her own stunts in the three movies she
appeared in. This really impressed the whole cast, as well as everyone involved in the movies.