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Gal Gadot, the fearless vampire hunter in a new Israeli ad

Gal Gadot is now the new face of HOT – a leading cable television company in Israel. She stars as a fearless vampire hunter – a role she has never played before.

In the new commercial, you can see her chasing Zion Baruch playing the vampire. He stars in a hit show – Juda, where he is once again a vampire. In the series, he plays a mobster that visits Romania and is turned into a vampire.

Let’s talk a bit more about the commercial

HOT released two videos on Instagram. The first one is a teaser for the ad. Gadot is driving a red Mini Cooper in a parking garage where she is chasing the vampire.

The second video that HOT released is a “behind-the-scenes” of Gal saying “There’s no place like HOT” in English. As we previously said, HOT is a leading cable television company in Israel so the commercial is entirely in Hebrew.

Gal said that she loves working in Hebrew – “It’s so much fun and so comfortable” the beauty added.

Good Evening reported that she is paid one million shekels a year to promote HOT (which equals more than 200 000 pounds). This deal is actually one of the least lucrative for her.

Another deal that she recently made was working with and being the new face of Smartwater – replacing Jennifer Aniston who was the previous face of the brand.

Another project that Gal has for us is a short-form documentary series for the National Geographic channel. As we all know her production company called Pilot Wave has a deal with Nat Geo for these series. This project is called #impact, and it will be telling the stories of young women that overcame obstacles to achieve big things in their lives.