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How Gal Gadot and husband Yaron Varsano handle the lockdown?

Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano have said that they are trying to “make the best” of the lockdown. They are isolating with their two daughters.

Gal spoke to Vogue and said that even though the circumstances are horrible and frightening her and her family are trying to make the best of it. They are all enjoying each other’s company and spending their time together.

Gal’s Parents

Her parents were actually planning to visit Los Angeles and celebrate their birthdays there but given the circumstances, their plans were canceled. Her dad’s birthday was just a couple of days ago – on the 1st of April. In a post on Instagram dedicated to her dad’s birthday, she said that she can’t wait to see him and give him a big hug.

But even though she misses her parents a lot the most important thing right now is for everyone to stay safe.