News about Gal Gadot

Learn what is Gal Gadot’s skincare and the steps she takes to achieve beautiful skin!

Skincare is very important and I think every woman will agree on that but sometimes it is hard to follow it strictly especially after a night out. But Gal Gadot is an exception and she has stated that she takes care of her skin every single night, and we all know that her schedule is very intense and she goes to a lot of events at night. She even told E! News that there had never been a night where she has gone to bed with makeup on, ever.

So what does she use?

Like every skincare out there she has stated that her routine changes every now and then but she is faithful to one thing – an oil-based cleanser. The one she uses and trusts to remove all of the makeup and impurities is La Mer’s Cleansing Oil.

She also told Harper’s Bazaar in an interview that she loved using serums and, of course, a rich moisturizer.

What about her diet?

We all know that your diet can make a huge difference on how your skin looks. Gal loved drinking orange juices and green smoothies on regular basis.

When it comes to eating she usually follows a “Mediterranean diet” and she consumes a lot of veggies and fish. She has stated numerous times that she eats a lot of salads with olive oil and lemon in them.