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What is Gal Gadot’s diet?

We all are dying to know how Gal Gadot has such an amazing body. How does she eat? Is she on a strict diet? Is she starving herself? Well, I am here to give you all of the information you have been asking for.

This might be a surprise to all of you but Gal does not follow any strict diets. Her secret weapon with maintaining an amazing body is balanced nutrition. We have all seen her eat pasta, she has said that she loves hamburgers. She eats all of those things but in moderation. She has stated in an interview that she eats a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish, chichen, etc. on a daily basis.

She also loves eating traditional dishes from Israel, after all, it’s her native country and she grew up eating them. She often has shakshuka for breakfast. Shakshuka is a mixture of peppers, poached eggs, tomatoes, and olive oil.

Gal Gadot also tries to teach her kids, Alma and Maya, to have a balanced diet. Her husband, Jaron Varsano, often prepares green smoothies and juices every morning for the whole family. Gadot also touched on the fact that she replaces soda with water.