Gal Gadot is Wonder WomanUndoubtedly the person that is the most excited for the appearance of Wonder Woman on the big screen is Gal Gadot. However not everybody shares the actress’s excitement and enthusiasm. Down bellow we have listed some of the most common reactions that people had when they learn that the not so breasted, skinny Israeli actress will be the first actress to ever portray the DC comic heroine in a Hollywood production.

  1. There were people that were thrilled by the choice of Gadot for the role. Some even found a resemblance between the Amazon Princess and the Israeli actress. While others openly claimed in various social networks that Gadot will make an excellent Wonder Woman and that they are super excited about the movie.
  2. There were other people that were cautiously optimistic. This means that they didn’t approve at 100% percent the fact that she was chosen for the role but still decided to give her a change. Some even went further and said that despite the fact that they don’t have faith in this casting they trust Zack Snyder who successfully casted Michael Shannon as Zod and Russell Crow as Jor-El in the 2013 summer blockbuster Man of Steel.
  3. Also there were people who were openly not happy with the choice of Gal Gadot, saying that Zack Snyder has blew it and that the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie will be a total failure because of bad casting. Keep in mind that most of these people aren’t happy not only with Gal Gadot’s appearance in the movie, but also with the fact that Ben Affleck will play Batman and Jesse Eisenberg will play Lex Luthor.
  4. Of course there were unhappy people who weren’t as heated and told to the previous type of people to calm down. For instance while some people said that Gadot isn’t the perfect Wonder Woman, she is still an actress with an exotic aura just like the heroine. Some also laid their case on the fact that the casting of Heath Ledger as The Joker was also met with a lot of skepticism at the time but ended up to be a marvelous decision.
  5. As funny as it may sound there were Jewish people that were very happy and proud of the fact that Wonder Woman is Israeli. After all every nation in the world would love to be the home country of a sexy, warrior of justice.
  6. Other people weren’t so irritated by the fact that Gadot will play the role of Wonder Woman but by the fact that Wonder Woman isn’t getting an own movie. Claims are that Wonder Woman is arguably the stronger female character in the comic book universe and that her first big screen appearance shouldn’t be shared with other comic book heroes and especially not with Batman and Superman who are undoubtedly the flagmen of the DC comics universe.
  7. Some people weren’t so much concerned by the fact that a dark eyed, skinny actress will play the role of the blue eyed, bulky heroine but by the fact that with the inclusion of Wonder Woman the movie will have too many characters and that this will lead to the depersonalization of some characters amongst which will be Wonder Woman due to the fact that the plot line is focused on the two male superheroes.
  8. Numerous DC comic book fanatics said that Warner Bros. should simply add the character of Green Lantern to the movie and rename it Justice League. A title that has been long wanted by the DC aficionados.
  9. A small group of people weren’t so annoyed by the fact that Gadot got the role but by the fact that their favorite stars such as Beyonce, Gina Carano, Jaimie Alexander, Minka Kelly and so on didn’t.
  10. And last some people simply live in the past and cannot accept that Lynda Carter, the actress that played the Princess in a 1970s TV show will be replaced by a younger, newer and fresher face. Luckily for Gadot, Lynda Carter isn’t one of these people as she fully supports the casting of the Israeli actress.

As you can see people did react differently to the casting of Gal Gadot but still their reactions are not as relevant to the matter as Gal Gadot’s reaction and she feel excited about the role. A testament to this is the fact is that she said in several interviews that she will do her best to get physically ready for the role and that the lack of breast isn’t the most important aspect of the character of Wonder Woman. The positive attitude of the actress makes us believe that she will indeed put on a great performance that will indeed be remembered for the years to come and which will make even her roughest critic wait with impatience the other two movies in which she will once again put on the Wonder Woman suit.