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Gal Gadot, the Israeli model turned actress, made a decisive entry into Hollywood through a number of appearances in the blockbuster franchise Fast & Furious, where she played Gisele – one of the later characters amongst the original team of illegal street racers. Recently, Gal struck a deal with Warner Brothers and secured the role of Wonder Woman for three upcoming superhero productions. Another of her recently announced performances will be in the crime thriller Triple Nine. Although, Gal Gadot has been in the spotlight for a number of years, she hasn’t got too many public appearances, which only adds to the charisma and mythology surrounding the young actress.

Here are some interesting facts about the beautiful Israeli, which you might not have known:

-Gal Gadot was born in Israel, twenty eight years ago. Although a true Israeli national in every sense of the word, Gal considers herself to be one quarter Czech, one quarter Polish, one quarter Austrian, and one quarter German. The reason for this multinational background is Gal’s grandparents who originally descended from these European states, but moved and settled in Israel after the Second World War. Oddly enough, Gal Gadot’s parents were both born outside Israel, though the actress herself was born in Rosh Ha’aiyin – one of the districts in central Israel.

-Gal Gadot, the name of the actress is also unique in many ways and reflects the passion for the sea that her parents have. Gal in Hebrew means wave, and Gadot translates to riverbank.

-One of the most fascinating things about Gal’s past is the two years of army service she did for the Israeli Defence Forces. In Israel, every able boy and girl of age is conscripted to the army for a period of two years. Gal made no exceptions and did her full two year army service and learned to use firearms, studied tactics, martial arts etc. The actress is proud of her military training, and says the knowledge she gained about weapons and tactics has helped her immensely when she played Gisele Harabo in the Fast & Furious Movies.

-With such a pretty face and immaculate physique, Gal started her path to stardom by winning the Miss Israel pageant at the age of nineteen. She tried to follow through by representing Israel in the 2004 Miss Universe contest in Ecuador. Unfortunately, judges didn’t see what they wanted in her and ranked her outside the top fifteen spots, which put her out of the contest. Although this was a setback, Gal moved on and ended up starring in some of the most successful action movies of the last few decades, namely the F&F franchise.

-It seems the judges at the Miss Israel pageant might have misjudged the young starlet ten years ago, as now she is ranked at number five spot (out of fifty), of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented Jewish women in the world according to Shalom Life. A far cry from the insignificant fifteenth spot she was given back then. Currently Gal Gadot is the second highest paid Jewish model slash actor in the world.

-Although she is part of blockbuster Hollywood productions now, Gal started off her onscreen career by appearances in domestic Israeli TV shows like Bubot. Since then she has had roles in another two domestic TV shows. Her first major role in Hollywood was the one of Gisele in Fast & Furious 4. She did such a good job, that the producers engaged her services for another three F&F movies – with number 7 still to be released due to the tragic circumstances around late Paul Walker.

-Gal is elaborating further on her recent success and continues her big screen appearances. She is contracted to play Wonder Woman in three upcoming comic book blockbusters – one of which a standalone movie about Wonder Woman. Choosing her for the role of the all famous superhero has somewhat stirred fans and critics and has attracted both positive and negative opinions. Having said this, most fans are hoping Gadot will make a strong role, and rejuvenate the character of Wonder Woman.

-Gal Gadot enjoys sports and high speeds. She is quite active in her everyday lifestyle and is part of a volleyball team, basketball team and plays tennis on a regular basis! Her passion for fast road machines is well known. She loves both fast cars and fast bikes, though at the moment her weapon of choice is a high powered Ducati motorbike.

-Gal Gadot is not just a pretty face mind you, she also has the guts to do her own stunts! Believe it or not, Gal is one of handful of female actors to do their own movie stunts. Fast & Furious director Justin Lin made Gadot do her own stunts, and she aced it. The actress says working without a stunt double was both thrilling and rewarding, and she was more than happy to do it.

-Such a woman is not easy to tame, but it seems Gal has found her match. In two thousand eight, the actress got hitched to Yaron Varsano. Mr Varsano has been Gadot’s boyfriend for quite some time, and tying the knot was the logical and expected outcome. Three years later, in twenty eleven Gal gave birth to her first child – a baby girl named Alma. These days, Gal and her husband Yaron own and manage a hotel in one of Tel Aviv’s most popular districts – Neve Tzedek.