Justice league and Gal GadotAt this moment one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood is Gal Gadot. The Israeli-born actress is undoubtedly a highly talented actress that will leave her mark in Hollywood but this doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. and more specially Zack Snyder didn’t make a mistake by casting her for the role of Wonder Woman or didn’t they?

For those of you that haven’t read any Hollywood related news for the last six months, Warner Bros. announced that they will release a Batman vs Superman movie in 2016. It is in this movie that Wonder Woman will make her first ever appearance on the big screen. The news that the three big from the Justice League will be in the same movie excited a lot of people. Still the excitement around the news was somewhat cut short when the studio announced the casting of Gadot because most people expected that the studio will choose a different type of actress for the role.

Since the announcement of Gadot’s casting a lot of people said a lot of things about the actress and her abilities to take on such a demanding role. She on the other hand didn’t turn any attention to the negative comments and always responded in a positive manner and confidently claimed that she is feeling ready for the role.

Still we believe that all these people that are talking against the casting of the Israeli actress are missing the big picture. And the big picture is that Gadot is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow Warner Bros. to make the long waited Justice League movie. Yes DC comic book fanatics have been demanding a Justice League movie for years and know with the casting of Gal Gadot they will see their wish come true.

Warner Bros. didn’t just commence the preparation of the Justice League movie. They had been prepping it for years by slowing placing all pieces on the table so that the audience can get ready. The movie studio started their project when they announced that they will produce a Superman remake, “Man of Steel” where Henry Cavill will play the role of Krypton-born hero. Then CW television network which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. launched the immensely popular and successful television show “Arrow” which stars Stephen Amell in the role of Green Arrow who is yet another Justice League member.

Now CW is planning to start another television show that is based on a DC comic book hero, Flash who by no coincidence is a Justice League member and will be played by Grant Gustin. Also some of you may remember that in 2011 Warner Bros released the Green Lantern movie which despite being a flop presented to the audience the character of Green Lantern which was played by Ryan Reynolds.

So with all these pieces in place the only thing that remained in front of Warner Bros. was to choose a Batmen and Wonder Woman. The studio quickly chose to give the role of Batman to Ben Affleck. A decision which was also met by a lot of commentary by the public and critics. Still the comments on Affleck casting weren’t so excessive as the comments on Gadot’s casting due to the fact that Ben Affleck is a seasoned Hollywood actor that deserves the benefit of a doubt.

With all this being said we believe that people would finally see the big picture more clearly and at last realize that Gadot is indeed the long awaited missing piece of the Justice League puzzle. And if all these facts are still not enough people should keep in mind that Gadot is signed for a total of three movies of which only one will be a standalone Wonder Woman movie. And due to the fact that Batman vs Superman isn’t a Justice League movie one can only imagine what the title and plot of the remaining third movie will be.

So instead of complaining about the choice of Gadot, comic book fans and fanatics should be happy with the fact that Warner Bros have at last found the right person for the role and that their long awaited Justice League movie will at last become reality.