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Man of Steel was one of the highest grossing movies of 2013 and this is why Warner Bros. decided to make a sequel, Batman vs Superman. But unless you have been living in a cave for the past six months you must know that Batman and Superman aren’t the only two superheroes that will appear in the movie. It is in this movie that Wonder Woman will make her long awaited cinematic debut. And while this news was met with great joy and approval by the audience the news of the casting of the Israeli actress Gal Gadot for the role was more or less met with discontent by the majority of Wonder Woman fan base.

Still some movie critics and blogger claim that Warner Bros. have met the right decision because in their opinion at this moment there is no better suited actress in Hollywood than Gal Gadot for the role. They make such a claim because they know that Gal Gadot has military training and therefore won’t have any trouble playing action scenes in a convincing manner. That’s right Gadot just like most Israeli women has military training. She has been part of the Israeli Defense Force for a period of 24 months.

The next pro in favor of the beautiful and talented Jewish actress is that she is very athletic. Gal Gadot is an avid sports enthusiast and plays basketball, volleyball and tennis on a regular basis. Also according to her words in a recent interview she follows a very strict training regime that includes Kung Fu, kickboxing, jujutsu, fencing and other forms of martial arts. She follows such a vigorous regime because she wants to bulk-up for her role of Wonder Woman.

Despite the fact that she is ready to ruin her fine body by bulking it, critics still complain about the fact that she isn’t as busty and well rounded as Wonder Woman. However she and her defendants are fighting this argument by saying that a pair of breasts isn’t the most important aspect of the character and they are completely right. Wonder Woman is much more than a sex bomb in tights. She is a warrior for justice, a protector of the weak and the fact that Gadot is realizing this only wins points in her favor.

Another pro in Gadot’s favor is the fact that Lynda Carter, the actress that played the role of Wonder Woman in the 1970s television show, accepts and approves of the fact that she will be inherited by an actress that doesn’t have the same physical features as her. Lynda Carter goes even further in her comments about Gal Gadot and says that she is certain that the Israeli actress will be able to portray properly the complexity of Wonder Woman and will have fun doing it.

Zack Snyder the director and one of the writers of the movie is also convinced that Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman have much more in common than most people can anticipate. According to the director the only differences between the actress and the fictional Amazon princess are physical.

The last pro in Gadot’s favor is that in every single interview she has been frank about the issues that are addressed on the topic and she sounds confident enough to overcome them and prove all skeptics that she is indeed the perfect person for Wonder Woman’s role.


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  1. Renegotiate…..! She is the best female avenger for both franchises (Marvel and DC) ever. Hands down!

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