The Supermodel Turned Actress

Gal Gadot, the beautiful Israeli model who is simultaneously pursuing her career as a Hollywood actress during the last five or so years, is one of the most intriguing personalities to appear in America’s big film industry in recent times. Gal is still somewhat of a newcomer to the Hollywood hype and celebrity mania, but she has made it clear – she is here to stay, and her appearances in the last three action packed Fast & Furious movies, as well as her hot out of the oven deal with Warner Bros for her role as Wonder Woman in another three films, are definite signs that she is one of the hottest topics in Hollywood today.

Gal’s modelling career began at an early age, in Israel. Her first break though came with her winning the 2004 Miss Israel Contest. Although back then she wanted to be a lawyer, she stuck to her modelling and beauty pageant career for the time being. As it turned out – this was the right way. After winning the 04 Miss Israel title, Gal decided to follow through with representing her country at the international Miss Universe Contest, which was hosted in Ecuador. The panel of judges though, didn’t seem to approve of Gal and ranked her outside the top fifteen contestants, which also put her out of contention. Although a setback, this was no big issue for Gal as she had everything going for her, and concentrated on her modelling career.

Before she could get into big time modelling though, she had to do something which all Israeli women do – to serve her two years in the army. Yes, that’s right – all Israeli women are conscripted in the army for a minimum of two years. Gal didn’t have a problem with this and managed to upkeep her modelling engagements whilst being in the army. While serving her military time, she also decided to follow up on her law studies and went on for her law degree at university. She had to pause her plans though as she was called for an audition for the role of Camille Montes – one of the main Bond Girls in the most recent 007 Trilogy staring Daniel Craig. She didn’t get the part though, as Olga Kurylenko was chosen to play Camille. This wasn’t a problem for Gal either, as the casting directors were also looking for someone to play Gisele in the F & F movies, and naturally they hired Gal straight away.

In two thousand seven, Gal Gadot was chosen to take part in Maxim magazine’s photo shoot named Women in The Israeli Defence Forces. The end product focused on photo models serving in the army. Gal was also chosen as the model face on the invitations given out for the large party accompanying the photo shoot. At about the same time, she also appeared on the cover of New York Post, which made her noticed by critics, fans and movie makers in the US. Since two thousand eight, Gal Gadot has been one of the leading models for the famous Israeli designer brand Castro. Gal also happens to be the regular hostess of Castro’s fashion shows and galas both in Israel and abroad. Other international marketing and photo model campaigns she participated in are those of Captain Morgan Rum and Vine Vera skin care products. During that time, Gal Gadot was also chosen as the marketing face for then-running campaign of Jaguar Cars. Gal has appeared on the covers of international editions like Cosmopolitan, For Him Magazine (FHM) and Brides Magazine.

More recently, in two thousand twelve, Gal Gadot was ranked as number five of the fifty most talented, successful, beautiful and intelligent Israeli women in the world, according to Shalom Life. Rumour had it that in two thousand thirteen Gal’s modelling salary was estimated to be in the millions of shekels (1 shekel being worth about thirty US cents), which was much better than what her female colleagues were being paid, even though they most of them were modelling for Ralph Lauren at the time. Perhaps the only higher paid Israeli model than Gal is Bar Refaeli.

Being a successful photo model, Gal Gadot has been able to get the best of both worlds and establish herself as a promising actress. Her appearance on the cover of New York Post solidified her position and intention. As a result of her modelling success, she was chosen for roles in a number of Hollywood films, namely Date Night, as well as Knight & Day. Though these were preceded by roles in Israeli films and TV shows, the most popular being her role in Bubot – an Israeli television drama.

As mentioned at the start of this article, her recent contract with Warner Bros for the role of Wonder Woman in three upcoming films, has stirred both fans and critics alike. It seems that Wonder Woman fans are expecting a female actor of a slightly more defined physique. It must be noted though, that Linda Carter – the original actress who played Wonder Woman in the famous seventies TV show may have appeared more feminine in her looks, but she despised the fact that men were viewing her only a sexual object. Gadot says that acting skills are the most important thing when taking on a new role, and dismisses those silly physique comments with a smile. Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman fully supports the choice of the casting directors and is sure that Gal will do a great job. Gadot also reminds that the choice of late Heath Ledger for the role of The Joker in the new Batman movie was viewed as an astronomical error, but it turned out to be one of the greatest performances of all time. Perhaps the skinny, dark haired actress will be a good replacement for the busty, blue eyed heroine after all.

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