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Which work-out exercise is Gal Gadot’s favorite

Gal Gadot’s body is very fit and it always looks amazing but what if I told you that she doesn’t go to the gym that often? She said that she doesn’t really like being stuck in a gym and would rather be outside.

I agree with her, not many have the time to go to the gym on a regular basis. But it’s important to not be lazy and skip on doing your workout completely. That’s why, just as Gal says, we can all skip the gym from time to time and just do our workout routine at home, or even better – on the outside.

She says that she does her best to fit some type of exercise three or four times a week – for example,
swimming, hiking, Pilates, etc.

What is Gal Gadot’s favorite exercise?

A certain exercise is her favorite and she always does it – the plank. She says that she loves doing planks. She added that whenever she is traveling and she doesn’t feel like working out in the hotel gym, she just does a quick work-out in the room, and doing planks is a huge part of it.

Planks are indeed great – they work your entire core, you don’t need special tools to do them. Trainers encourage everyone to add them to their routine.